Free CS GO cases – where do I get them?

We all know that free cheese, alas, happens only in a mousetrap. This rule, by the way, not only in the case of cheese, but in many others. However, when it comes to free CS GO Cases – the situation is a little different, at least because they are quite real and you can get them without too much difficulty. On how to get free CS GO cases and we will talk in this chapter of our material. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to do this:

1 You know that there are sites where you can open the case for free CS GO. One of these sites again come in handy to get your free CS GO case. The scheme is very simple – go to this link and under the section Cases and look for an option with a free case. Then by clicking on the button to take part in the drawing, you will automatically get on the list of participants. Every two hours they’re giving away free CS GO cases here. But be careful – you also need to confirm your participation every two hours.

2 The most traditional way to get a free case in cs go is to knock it out by playing on the official servers. However, as we have described in one of our previous materials – this scheme, which is too little predictable and, indeed, is almost entirely based on randomness and “mood” Gabe. Nevertheless, immediately after the release of new cases in CS GO – this is the best way to both earn and knock out an expensive case and unlock weapons that no one else has yet. I personally sell expensive cases and buy a few cheaper ones until the new case drops in value.

3 The third and most casual method of getting free cases, which, by the way, also fits the role of how to open a CS GO case without the key – a case opening simulator. What are their advantages? You do not have to wait for anything, nothing to knock out – just click on the button and the site opens something for you. Well, the main disadvantage is that you technically do not get anything – it’s just fun to kill time.