Best Roti Makers {Chapati} For Home Reviews India

Best Roti MakerI hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Life is not possible without eating Rotis/ Chapatis.

The Situation becomes even worse if you are a housewife, Bachelor or a College student staying in Hostel. If you are one of these, then you already know the pain of making rotis on the gas stove.

Well, we have got a solution for you which will save you a lot of time and effort. After researching online and spending hours we have listed here the best solution to your problem which is Best Roti Makers/ Chapati Makers.


Top 5 Best Roti Maker in India 2018 – Automatic Chapati Maker

ProductPeople RatingsPrices
BAJAJ VACCO 900W3.5/5Check Price
Sunflame RM1 900-Watt3/5Check Price
Libra Athena Roti Maker4/5Check Price
Maharaja Whiteline3/5Check Price
Prestige Roti Maker
(Editor's Choice)
4.3/5Check Price

What is a Roti Maker / Chapati Maker?

Rotis are one of the most important eatables that are cooked every day in our Indian society. They are healthy, nutritious and good to eat. But on the darker side, there are some disadvantages also of making roti on a gas stove.

One of the most important thing that a lot of people lack is on making the rotis round. Be it Bachelors, Housewives, College students staying in Hostel or working people, they all suffer from making round rotis(Chapattis) time to time. Moreover, time cooking on gas stove consumes a lot of our time.

The situation can become worse if you are starting to learn cooking as in the start you might end up with a failure of your efforts and time on making round rotis on the gas stove.

Well, don’t worry. The solution is Roti Maker. Electronic Chapati Maker or Roti Maker can be considered as an electronic device which produces round shaped roti(Chapatti) in a very short amount of time.

A lot of time it happens that we are unable to make round chapattis at our home then we order Rotis (Chapattis) from some restaurant. Roti Maker does it job in a very less time making the people have a lot of free time. Housewives can spend that free time with their children, Husband and College students can utilize the time in studying.

But that’s not enough you need to buy the Best Roti maker for yourself so that rotis can be round and more and more time can be saved. Well, that’s why we have collected top 5 Best Roti Makers for your home use.

Top 5 Best Roti Makers /  Best Chapati Makers 2018 in India

1) BAJAJ VACCO 900W “Go-Ezzee” Roti Maker – Most Recommended

Bajaj is a very reputed name when it comes to manufacturing Roti Makers/ Chapati Makers.

BAJAJ VACCO 900W Roti MakerThey not only are into manufacturing Roti Makers, but they are also into manufacturing several other products as well. Bajaj Roti maker is a 900 Watt Chapati Maker. Bajaj Vacco “Go-Ezzee” Roti Maker is a lightweight, hygienic, convenient roti maker. It is lightweight which means that you can carry it with yourself wherever you go.

 One thing that we liked most in the Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker is Automatic Temperature Control which is very useful in certain situations where we might forget adjusting temperature which can result into a burned roti. Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker is the most recommended Roti Maker product from our perspective. 

In this Bajaj electric Roti Maker/ Electric Chapati Maker there is a stainless steel body. Apart from that you also get High-quality Teflon Non-Stick Aluminium Coating. With Bajaj Roti Maker there is no need of roller or Belan. Also, know Bajaj Roti Maker price or price of roti maker of Bajaj.

Another fantastic thing that you will love in Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker is that its handles are made up of Insulated Bakelite which ensures that you experience with Bajaj Roti Maker is shockproof and pretty smooth.

 One Best thing that we loved in Bajaj Roti Maker is that it can not only be used for making crisp rotis, Parothas but it can also be used to make various other delicious dishes like Khakhras, Papads etc. Believe me when you get Bajaj Roti Maker then you are going to love this feature a lot. 

You should also note that BAJAJ VACCO “Go-Ezzee” Chapati/ Roti/Khakhra Maker C-02 Wattage 900 comes with the 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. It has about 330 Customer reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

In order to make the customers familiar with the Bajaj Roti Maker, they have also included an audio-video demo cd along with the chapati maker. In case you feel any difficulty in using this product you can just refer to the cd for its working.

To Conclude Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker is a portable roti making the machine which you can carry with yourself which is a very good feature.


  • Having Stainless Steel Body
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Non Stick Coating
  • 1 Year Warranty plus Audio Video Demo CD Containing Working of Roti Maker
  • Service Center is in Delhi only

2) Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker (Silver/Black) – Runner Up

Sunflame Roti Maker occupies the second spot when it comes to best roti makers available in India. And it decent for general use.

Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti MakerIt is convenient, hygienic. When talking about Sunflame Roti Maker’s Weight then its weight is approximately 800 grams which makes it highly portable to be carried away with us anywhere else.

Sunflame Roti Maker has the stainless steel body and a bakelite handle. A very important feature of bakelite handle is that it does not lets the handle to get heated up so as to deliver optimum performance to the customers. As evident from the name Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker has 900 Watt Power.


 A specialty that you are going to love in Sunflame Roti Makers is that it has uniform heating technology which means that no part of it is going to get overheated. Also note that the Sunflame Roti maker contains non-stick Coating plate which is a big advantage to everyone including housewives, bachelors because this thing prevents roti from sticking to the plate. 

Another important feature that you will get in Sunflame Roti Maker includes a Reliable Heating coil, User-friendly handle which you have to take up and push down to make roti.

You will also get an easy lift handle with a power indicator which is beneficial in many cases. You can also use the Sunflame Roti Maker for making Khakhra, Papad etc but then it might degrade your experience of making roti.

You also get 1-year Warranty from the manufacturer.

There are over 110 Customer reviews with an average rating of 2.6 stars out of 5 stars. When talking about Sunflame Roti Maker price in India at the time of writing the article it is priced well under 1500 Indian Rupees.

Sunflame RM1 900-Watt

  • Bakelite Handle
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Easy Clean SS Cover
  • Oil-Free Cooking
  • Non-Stick Coating Cooking plate to make sure that roti does not stick to the plate
  • Some months of Usage it might cause overheating issue

3) Libra Athena Roti Maker – Good Features

Athena Libra is a quite new company in Roti Making Machines field.

Libra Athena Roti MakerIf you are doing a laborious task of making rotis on the gas stove and spending a lot of time in that stuff then you can consider Athena Libra Roti Maker.

Athena Libra Roti Maker produces soft and puffy rotis in a matter of seconds.

You can also check Athena Libra Chapati Maker Price.

With Athena Libra Roti Maker an important feature that you get is Non-Stick Coating Surface which prevents rotis from sticking to the base of roti maker thereby resulting in less mess.

Athena Libra Roti Maker also has a light indicator and along with that it also consumes less power of 975 Watts which saves energy and is energy efficient too.

There also comes a cd which includes the working of Athena Libra Roti Maker. One thing I liked worth mentioning is that the thickness of your roti will be 1mm to 2 mm which depends on how soft your dough is and what is the size of the dough ball that you have created. Size of the roti can be around 18 cm.

Athena Libra Roti Maker comes with 1-year warranty. The Chapati Maker has over 35 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Libra Athena Roti Maker

  • Soft and puffy Roti in seconds which saves time
  • Non-Stick Coating Surface
  • 957 Watts Power Consumption thus saves a lot of energy
  • Bakelite Handles
  • Best for Housewives
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Not Suitable for Making the huge number of rotis.So you can buy the most recommended Bajaj Vacco Roti Maker

4) Maharaja Whiteline UNO Roti Maker

Maharaja is another huge name when it comes to manufacturing Roti Maker Machines. They are very well known for their Best Roti Maker products.

Maharaja Whiteline UNO Roti MakerWhen talking about the Power Usage or Maharaja Whiteline UNO Roti Maker then please know that it operated on 900 watts Power and can be run by 230 Volt Power Supply. By making the Roti Maker Energy Efficient.

Maharaja Roti Maker also has a stainless steel body along with non-stick Coating which makes your roti making the process pretty easier. The Maharaja Roti Maker comes with a light indicator which helps to maintain temperature on which roti can be cooked.

There is a 2 Year Warranty available on Maharaja Whiteline product which is pretty helpful.

it has feature is there in the Maharaja Whiteline product is that it automatically shuts down when some right temperature point gets reached and it saving huge electricity.

You can watch videos on the internet.

Maharaja Roti Maker has Over 35 Reviews with an average rating of 2.1 stars out of 5 stars.

Maharaja Whiteline UNO Roti Maker

  • Bakelite Handle
  • Non-Stick Coating
  • Might Make Sound as Compared to other Roti Makers

5) Prestige Roti Maker PRM 5.0 with Demo CD

Prestige Roti Maker PRM 5.0In the top 5 list, this is our last product for you which is highly recommended. If you are living alone and start learning about the kitchen and you don’t know how to make perfect roti then this beauty is for you. I cover it on last just because you come across and get the best one at the last.

This electric roti maker has Multipurpose Design which looks good and it shines in your kitchen.

Non-Stick coating with Easy Flip which everyone needs because it doesn’t heat quickly.

Durable Stainless Steel Body and perfect look.

Easy Adjustable Temperature Control

Prestige Roti Maker

  • Free Demo CD For Learning
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Suitable for Roti, Omelette, Pancake, Uttapam, Thepla
  • The handle of it is the week so you need to use it carefully

What Things to look for while choosing the Best Roti Maker Machine for home / Chapati Maker for yourself

If you are wondering about the things that make a roti maker a best roti maker. Then let us tell you that we have filtered some of the factors that should be checked before buying any Roti Maker for your home.

Power Consumption of the Roti Maker

If you are thinking that Roti Maker consumes a lot of Power then you are in the wrong direction. Roti Makers are one of those kitchen appliances that consume lot less energy and at the same time deliver best performances by producing round rotis.

The Roti Makers also lower our electricity bill to some extent. So, you should see the Power Rating of a roti maker.

Weight and Looks of Roti Maker

Another important thing that you should take care while buying a roti maker is that its weight should not be high. Roti Makers should be lightweight so that whenever you go out on a trip, vacation or picnic then you can carry the roti maker along with yourself.

Nowadays the latest roti makers are good looking, stylish and trendy so that it can match according to your fashion.

Protection and Non-Stick Coating

Another important feature to look for while buying a roti maker is to make sure that the protective handles are of good quality plastics like Bakelite so that no shock or heating issue arises.

Make sure that while making roti in chappathi maker its handle doesn’t get heated up because if it does so then it might hurt your hands.

Also, make sure that your roti maker has got a nonstick coating so that your rotis don’t stick to the roti maker.

Brand and Warranty of the Roti Maker

An important check that you should do while buying any roti maker is its brand. Check carefully if the brand of the roti maker is popular and well known or not.

Don’t forget to check out the warranty that is coming with the roti maker because it will help you in the long run that is if any issue comes then till how many months or years will they be able to repair your roti maker.

You should also check out if there is any service center available in your city so that if any problem comes then you will be able to get your roti maker repaired easily.

Price of the Chapati Maker

As we all know that if we need some quality thing then there are good chances that it will be priced high. But on the other hand when the quality thing gets delivered then that feeling is epic.

You should check the price of the roti maker if it is too high or not but don’t solely depend on it because there may be some roti makers that are priced high but at the same time they also contain various excellent features that justify the price.

Benefits of Using Roti Maker – Roti Maker Is Good Or Bad?

After discussing the best roti makers and what things to consider while buying a roti maker we will now discuss various benefits of Roti Maker:


Roti makers are considered one of the best kitchen appliances when it comes to saving time.

If you are a housewife and have a pretty big family then you might be making several rotis for your husband, children, and other relatives on a gas stove.Right.Well with roti maker you can make as much as rotis as you can without even having to cook on a gas stove. Thus roti maker saves a lot of time.

For a college student, bachelor and working people Roti Makers are considered as the boon because they are already short of time and with the help of roti maker they tend to save a huge amount of time which they can utilize in various productive things.

Energy Saved by using Roti Makers

Well believe it or not while everyone is stressing to save natural resources, Roti Maker saves a large amount of energy. Roti Maker saves cooking gas, consume a lot less power which ultimately leads to the saving of our hard earned money. You can also do automatic roti maker online shopping.


With almost every Roti Maker your safety is preserved to a large extent. Almost every Roti Maker comes with a non-stick Tawa which is quite safe to touch and prevents you from shock also. Roti Maker’s base is also shockproof.

Also in a lot of Roti Maker Machines, there come various indicators used to depict the temperature of the Roti Maker.


If you are a bachelor or working person and fed up of eating burned rotis then Roti Maker is a perfect fit for you.

Roti Maker will give you healthy and perfectly round roti with the least investment of time and effort. This quality is maintained with Roti Makers.

Perfect round shape:

Roti Maker is a simple kitchen appliance by which you get perfectly round shaped roti / Chapati. Being a machine it will generate perfectly round chapati every time with less time and efforts.

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